• Just a Kiwi
    Just a Kiwi 36 хвилин тому

    It is right
    Oh my

  • Alexander Hernandez
    Alexander Hernandez 36 хвилин тому

    It is right OMG

  • Your friendly neighbourhood midlife crisis

    Its 3 views off, I've been trying to get it incorrect for ages.

  • Ale Oof
    Ale Oof 46 хвилин тому


  • devarsh deasi
    devarsh deasi 46 хвилин тому


  • viral memes
    viral memes 46 хвилин тому

    This comment won't get 50 likes

  • FuuidGT
    FuuidGT 48 хвилин тому

    It was right :)

  • Henry Hahn
    Henry Hahn 56 хвилин тому


  • random kid
    random kid 59 хвилин тому

    Wait wtf

  • Nuno Bernardo
    Nuno Bernardo Годину тому

    What sorcery is this??

  • Charlotte Brandelle
    Charlotte Brandelle Годину тому

    What... How is that possible??

  • 99C ReX
    99C ReX Годину тому

    How tf

  • JoJo
    JoJo Годину тому +1


  • PeRsOn
    PeRsOn Годину тому

    It is

  • J!ß¡
    J!ß¡ Годину тому

    Oof, it has 1 view more

    M3RL1N'S SH4DOW Годину тому

    This is crazy

  • Jamin Coetzee
    Jamin Coetzee Годину тому +1


  • Akty Spinoxe
    Akty Spinoxe Годину тому

    Pluck my pubes its right

  • Oof Kage
    Oof Kage Годину тому

    Btw there was one time that the views and the title were different the views were 12,617,602 and the title was 12,617,599 and even if I refresh it its still the same

  • somebody ツ
    somebody ツ Годину тому +1

    we did it

  • James Clarke
    James Clarke Годину тому

    If you go off the video and refresh it gets updated

  • Emma Hostler
    Emma Hostler Годину тому


  • aitoneo
    aitoneo Годину тому


  • Dr. Aidsman
    Dr. Aidsman Годину тому

    just added one more lelele
    It’s currently spot on

  • mlbb gameplay
    mlbb gameplay Годину тому +1

    TVuk who does it on every single youtube video:
    TVuk: am i a joke to you?

  • René Vilandt
    René Vilandt 2 години тому

    Works perfectly. The counter and titles matches:)

  • sxckmytoes - xoxo
    sxckmytoes - xoxo 2 години тому

    Anyone else searching for this everytime they remember it or is it just me?

  • Orla Shittu
    Orla Shittu 2 години тому

    wtf hes a witch

  • Manuel Traquinas
    Manuel Traquinas 2 години тому

    its 12,616,862 now

  • Nitram N
    Nitram N 2 години тому

    its 100% right

  • CM_ Beagal
    CM_ Beagal 2 години тому

    Bruh Wtf i Guess im the 12,616,010Th then

  • S E P
    S E P 2 години тому +1

    Just checking if people know this is deliberately baiting you into clicking this video, and gives him money

    • S E P
      S E P 2 години тому

      At least it works

  • Potato DK
    Potato DK 2 години тому

    What is this magic sorcery

  • Sayne
    Sayne 2 години тому


  • nour blacksmithing
    nour blacksmithing 2 години тому

    a month later its still works amazing and excactly

  • Eternally ・ Chiyo
    Eternally ・ Chiyo 2 години тому

    Its the exact number this is great :)

  • El_pepito7825
    El_pepito7825 3 години тому

    The perfection on a video

  • 100,000 Subscribers With No Videos!
    100,000 Subscribers With No Videos! 3 години тому +1

    The title of this video won't be exactly right
    Title of this video: Exactly right

  • i steffens
    i steffens 3 години тому

    Ifs the same for me :O I'm in shock

  • The Meh Guy
    The Meh Guy 3 години тому

    It is still exact.

  • sinassappel manderijn
    sinassappel manderijn 4 години тому

    Tom scot: the code wasn’t the important part anyway
    All the comments: tHe CoDe iS ExActLy RigHt

  • Noob 9281
    Noob 9281 4 години тому


  • Sc_e1
    Sc_e1 4 години тому

    Omg, im the one

  • Tecsure
    Tecsure 4 години тому


  • OverR0se
    OverR0se 4 години тому

    the number is exactly right rn 👁👄👁

  • Johnny Pope
    Johnny Pope 4 години тому

    Exactly right.

  • Saltea
    Saltea 4 години тому

    *Seeing an exact number is giving me anxiety-*

  • Just Sarkhan
    Just Sarkhan 4 години тому

    The views dont change

  • Sudhanshu Panta
    Sudhanshu Panta 4 години тому

    How it is accurate?

  • sera lawiet
    sera lawiet 4 години тому

    Wow. Wow. Wow

  • Charlie Bloomer
    Charlie Bloomer 5 годин тому

    Mine was actually spot on

  • Tobias Berger
    Tobias Berger 5 годин тому


    WOLF IN RBB 5 годин тому

    You are a wizard, Tom.

  • Skwiifz Btw
    Skwiifz Btw 5 годин тому

    ahhaahahah we broke it now

  • ari barclay
    ari barclay 5 годин тому

    That bot is great

  • CristianPlays
    CristianPlays 6 годин тому

    your a wizard tom

  • Maddox808 Bogar
    Maddox808 Bogar 6 годин тому

    Wait wtf it says 989 when I’m watching the vid but when I’m. Not it’s 360??

  • Mini0912 3
    Mini0912 3 6 годин тому +1

    It is

    NpDGilQTST STSETZXuXz 6 годин тому +1

    Not even a single person:
    My brain during a test: Claim 👌💯 your unoriginal 🔥 format and 😂 excessive emojis 😉 ticket here. You can use it for a meaningless like.🙌👍✌🤣🤣😎😜

  • Rabuni
    Rabuni 6 годин тому

    Now its 12,605,537

  • svi
    svi 6 годин тому

    its spot on

  • BMDC Smart Stuff
    BMDC Smart Stuff 6 годин тому

    Am I the only one who liked the code that @Ton Scott posted in 1:02 ?

  • Liam Finden
    Liam Finden 6 годин тому

    Wait what

  • m u l t i - j u l i e e e
    m u l t i - j u l i e e e 6 годин тому


  • Ahmed Al Moqbali
    Ahmed Al Moqbali 6 годин тому


  • splitz _
    splitz _ 6 годин тому


  • Sam Craig
    Sam Craig 6 годин тому +1

    “The title of this video won’t be exactly right”
    The title which is exactly right: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo 6 годин тому +1

    Him:this video has 12,604,539
    Me:h3 0n X G@mE$ mOdE 😲

  • DoctorCream
    DoctorCream 6 годин тому

    Its the exact same

  • Brian Castillo
    Brian Castillo 6 годин тому +1

    How’d you get your hogwarts letter and I didn’t 😡😡,This is Magic dude 🤨🤨

  • Mythic
    Mythic 7 годин тому

    When I clicked on it it was exacted

  • Dying Muffin
    Dying Muffin 7 годин тому

    It's exactly right.

  • Kid Lords
    Kid Lords 7 годин тому

    HAha u just flicked to newest comments to see if anyone recently has said that the view count prediction is PERFECTLY CORRECT

  • ding dong
    ding dong 7 годин тому

    80% of the people watching this video just clicked to check the views to see if its accurate or not but then ended up watching the video because they wanna know how they did that

    sorry i was bored

  • Jester103
    Jester103 7 годин тому

    "But that doesn't mean you shouldn't build things anyways. Just because something is going to break in the end, doesn't mean it can't have an effect into the future"
    This is way more impactful than you may realize......

  • Bullet
    Bullet 7 годин тому

    Still Works

  • FuNnY wOrLd
    FuNnY wOrLd 7 годин тому

    WTF? how?

  • Drgish
    Drgish 7 годин тому

    last time i was here it had 700k views

  • Ry Guy
    Ry Guy 7 годин тому +1


  • Mimi
    Mimi 8 годин тому +1

    And that's how the FBI was hacked

  • Jomedial
    Jomedial 8 годин тому

    why dose it frezze tho

  • Alexis Correa
    Alexis Correa 8 годин тому +1

    This guy is actually from the future

    MISTAKABLE 8 годин тому

    Yo the number is wrong for me

  • Rachel
    Rachel 8 годин тому


  • Devon Cook
    Devon Cook 8 годин тому

    Uh what

  • MegaTrix
    MegaTrix 8 годин тому


  • taylor wells
    taylor wells 8 годин тому

    what the heck this is so cool

  • Rose .-.
    Rose .-. 8 годин тому

    How th

  • Brown Jelly
    Brown Jelly 8 годин тому +3

    This comment has 0 likes

    • AngelicTart Alt
      AngelicTart Alt 4 години тому

      lolliooloooplooolooll hahahhahahahahq

  • FoxyPirateFox9054
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  • Pizza 123
    Pizza 123 8 годин тому +2

    It was exactly right for me.

  • 1000 Subscribers Without Videos
    1000 Subscribers Without Videos 9 годин тому


  • Fireassassin
    Fireassassin 9 годин тому

    This scares me but surprises how is it even possible with the title changing whenever someone watches it.....this is the coolest dude....great vid loved it....

  • doremi fa
    doremi fa 9 годин тому

    I'm a human

  • Jelly Nelle
    Jelly Nelle 9 годин тому

    Me over here trying to make it not the same number

  • Gryffbolt25
    Gryffbolt25 9 годин тому

    hmn NAICE

  • aidan on SE
    aidan on SE 9 годин тому

    but how long will it be the exact number of views

  • Tw1tch B0SS
    Tw1tch B0SS 9 годин тому

    i dont know what dark magic sh*t this is but it scares

  • kaboomshark
    kaboomshark 9 годин тому +1


  • Folfy Wolfy
    Folfy Wolfy 9 годин тому +1

    Wait, it's perfect